Valhalla Ventures partners with visionaries building enduring moats.

We invest at Seed, Series A, and in between.

Fund I (2022, $66M) Core Investments: Terran (biotech platform), K2 (large satellites), Aeon (missile systems), Biofire (biometric handguns), Cosyne (precision medicine), Arda (pathogenic cell depletion), Rain (firefighting helicopters), Avery (dna chips), Jaza (gridless electricity), Circa (digital supply chains), Group1 (potassium cathode), Womp (3d design), Irradiant (3d nanofabrication), Starpath (lunar refueling), Incredible Dream (board games), NovaWurks (small satellites), Stadium Live (gen z sports media)

Rohan Pujara and Devan Malhotra. Based in Los Angeles and New York.